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Since its founding in 2013, TEACH (Together Educating All Children in Hospitals) has brought exciting and educational programming to over 1,800 children. That’s 1,800 lives touched with creativity and science education through real-life concepts.

And TEACH is on the cusp of reaching entirely new groups of deserving children.

Throughout the upcoming months, the nonprofit will be working hard to expand their program and spread awareness, including launching a new TEACH branch at the University of Illinois-Champaign. They’re also working on collaborating with various nonprofit organizations to grow the program to more hospitals and more children.

“When we work with these children, we’re not only helping them engage with STEM topics, we’re also alleviating their boredom and lack of social interaction while in the hospital,” said Executive Director, Isaac Snyder. “The modules last anywhere from one to two hours, and it really makes a significant difference to the patient’s emotional state, which is also important for the healing process.”
This expansion and collaboration mission means TEACH will quickly be surpassing over two thousand students supported. Understandably, lofty goals require fundraising to achieve them.

TEACH has opted to use technology to reach those fundraising goals to help their supporters give without breaking the bank. Through online partnerships like ShoppingGives, users are able to give back to the nonprofit through their online shopping, in addition to any standard donations they’d like to make.

Not only are supporters able to give more through this type of technology, but TEACH is able to reach new donors. “Technology allows us to reach people more quickly and all across the country,” said Snyder. “This allows us to fundraise to support our branches across five states, as well as fundraise to expand to new cities and states around the country.”

With the help of their committed volunteers, supporters, and fundraising technology, the future is looking bright for TEACH and their goals. Shop, save, and donate through their ShoppingGives fundraiser or contact them to learn more, volunteer, or sponsor a TEACH hospital initiative here.

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